Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Im not taking this lying down

During the past 10 months dealing with recurrent pregnancy loss one thought keeps crossing my mind. The medical community does not care. They just dont give a flying fuck. Many doctors seem to not really even consider a person pregnant, until they are safely tucked into their second trimester. I know in my mother's day that she never saw a doctor until she had missed at least two periods. Most people that miscarry, do so only once or twice. Its never investigated because it never needs to be. They become pregnant again and have a healthy baby. But I have found that the same attitude of "wait and see what happens next time" still applies to those of us who keep going through it. They might do a recurrent miscarriage workup, but they tell you that 50% of the time, there are no answers. This seems OK to the medical community at large. I wonder where the sense of urgency is surrounding all of this ?This is death we are talking about. This is the loss of pined after and longed for new life. This has been my experience with my hospital, my HMO, my OB, and her co workers. Im wondering now, if there isnt something better out there for me. If a reproductive endocrinologist or a fetal medicine specialist might take my hand and tell me that the DO care. That this is not ok, and that something must be done.

I have written a rather impassioned letter (email) to my OB. Basically, Im saying its time for her to shit or get off the pot. I want these final tests done, including a lap & or a hysterosonogram. I want my NK cells looked at, and whatever else they can pull out of their medical bag of tricks. I want empiric treatment for my next pregnancy possibly including heparin shots, broad spectrum antibiotics, steriods, prescription folate, progesterone in the luteal phase, and that tender loving care that so many people say increases the chances of a sucessful pregnancy, for somebody like me with Idiopathic RPL.