Saturday, May 4, 2013

Here are a few recent pictures of Titus along with one of his brother thrown in for good measure. Keep in mind that T has been really ill on and off the past few months so there are not a lot of smiley pics, but I will try to get some.

Friday, May 3, 2013

I got the urgent cerclage on Tuesday of last week. I expected that the procedure would be uncomfortable but did not anticipate that it would also be humiliating. From the rather large suppository that the nurse had to administer shortly before the operation to having my bare legs and butt hoisted in the air with the bright surgery lights focused right on my vagina.. it was horrible. These were no ordinary stirrups. I asked the anesthesia nurse for something baby safe and mild so I could zone out. He gave me a little Versed and that took the edge off.

Back in the recovery room I started feeling uterine pain before I could feel my legs or feet. As the day progressed I would cry. At first they tried a bit of fentanyl, but it devolved into Dilauded.  Luckily by the time I got home I only needed one pain pill and the cramping stopped once I got in my own bed. I do not think a cerclage is this painful for everyone. My theory is that the further along you are and the less cervix they have to work with the worse it feels afterwards.  I had some cramping and a bit of bleeding for a few days afterwards, but not too bad.

I spent 8 days as flat and horizontal as possible. Started to develop what my Aunt thought was the beginning of a pressure sore on my tail bone. She was a labor and delivery nurse for over 30 years so I think she was probably right.  On Sunday we had company from out of state. It was a rather solemn affair. They had planned a trip to Oregon for some time. Rented a house up on Mt. Hood. The plan had been that I would pack up my men and join them up there for a few days. Of course with the bed rest all we could do was have a quiet visit in my living room.

Yesterday I went to have my cervix scanned to see what the stitch managed to accomplish. My cervix went from measuring 1.7cm to nearly 4! It could still take a turn for the worse. The dynamic (fickle) cervix could decide to funnel down to the stitch later on. Or further. But for right now I am off of bed rest and on restricted activity. I may not look after Titus on my own because I can't lift anything. Not even a 20 lb toddler. I can however leave the house, go float in a pool. Take a short walk. putter around the house, and continue to rest a lot.  The peri tells me that he wishes there was some sort of drug or potion that he could give me to just put me to sleep until 28 weeks when the scariest  time is over. He said either for me or for him because he does worry about me quite a bit. I am sure he has seen these situations end in so many ways.

I will take my little victory.

Not able to participate in due date groups.  Last time when my baby had health issues other folks baby shower dramas or heart burn issues seemed  trivial. It feels that way again.

This baby is still looking healthy. Next week I will have another cervix scan and we will revisit my activity level. The following week (26) we will have the cervix scan and a full growth scan. That should yield some of the fancy 3D pictures like the ones they took of Titus at the same age. I bet August is still measuring big.

Today a friend is taking me to lunch. A very much needed break in the sunshine. Being sprung from the house. This friend lost her twins at 23 weeks due to cervical incompetence. She understands a little better than most what is going on in my head. Today we will not talk about that though, just enjoy our steamy bowls of beef noodle soup and some salad rolls. It is supposed to get to nearly 90 F in Portland tomorrow. Rather unseasonably hot. That is about 31 c for all you non Americans.