Sunday, March 10, 2013

I missed my last midwife appointment. Brian can generally stay home with Titus & or the daycare baby while I go but he was unable to this past week. Now I have no idea when they will be able to squeeze me in.

I did pass my 3 hour glucose tolerance test. Much to the surprise of my midwife. I passed easily. Still trying to watch the sugar and carb intake.

I have been fighting an upper respiratory infection for over 2 weeks and now a sinus infection on top of it.  I had a couple of colds while pregnant with Titus but nothing like this crud that never goes away. I should be getting my energy back but I just feel run down. Run down by a cement mixer. Nausea easing but not gone. I am just about 17 weeks.

We have the average amount of drama going on with social services and foster child. They are letting things go on which I feel compromises the safety of the little boy. Long unsupervised visits with an addict father who has recently had dirty UAs.  Feeling impotent and on edge. In better news, M celebrated his 6th birthday on Friday. His social skills have improved quite a bit since he arrived in July. He was thrilled with his small gifts and home made cake. In a few years it will have to be video games or laser tag. For now 6 is simple and sweet.

We see the perinatologist for an anatomy scan on the 28th of this month. I am really curious to see if this baby will have the same short arm and leg bones that Titus did. They will attempt to do an echo cardiogram.