Saturday, July 27, 2013


I have almost done it. Sanity mostly intact!

In 19 days I will be going in for a scheduled C section. The perinatologist decided that I could go to 39+ weeks after all.  Blood sugars have been pretty well controlled. I get my cerclage taken out on the 1st then who knows what will happen. The doctor said that if my cervix happens to be dilated to 2 or 3 the morning of the section he would be willing to do what he calls a "mild induction" and allow me a trial of labor. If conditions are favorable I just might do that. Chances are better for the planned section.

I will be delivering at a swanky new hospital that opens just 9 days prior. I wonder if this makes it less likely that I will catch an antibiotic resistant infection. When the head nurse at the doctor's office told me that I was no longer eligible to deliver at the high risk hospital because MY BABY IS NOT HIGH RISK ,I was delighted. After everything with Titus. Kaiser sends its higher risk patients with babies that are likely to need NICU time to an out of network hospital. They are trying to send fewer and fewer people there as they open this new hospital. They said even if he has low blood sugar and jaundice like his older brother, they will be able to deal with it without NICU care. He should be rooming in with me.

I still have polyhydramnios but the fluid is slowly receding. It has gone from the all time high of 33 to more recently measuring somewhere around 20.  I will get a growth scan on the same day that they remove that stitch. Not looking forward to the cerclage removal. I hear that it is awkward and painful and that they do nothing but stick a needle in your nether regions to numb it. Odd that I needed a spinal and narcotics to put it in and that removal is just an office procedure.

I have some mild SPD which means painful thighs, hips, groin. My belly rests on my thighs. I am slung so low. I don't know if it's because this baby is head down for a change or if my old abs just can't support the weight of this baby and fluid.  I am 36.5 weeks and pretty sure he weighs more than 6 lbs. Could it be closer to 7? I should have a better idea at the growth scan on Thursday.

Getting anxious about leaving Titus for 3 or 4 days. That's the worst part. I wish he could come with us. I have not yet spent a night away from him.  My mother is taking time off of work to stay with T at our house. I know he is in good hands but it is still not easy.

The baby preparations are staying at a minimum. I have been in no condition to do a proper nursery. He will sleep in a simple bassinet next to me. There are a few drawers for his clothes. When he is older e can share a sleeping room with his brother. The other room will be their play room/ toy room. My kind blog friend in Australia has sent some quality cottony summer things for the newborn. Which is great because I had given all my smaller things away. Trying to go for quality over quantity this time.

Today's big activities should be the construction of the bassinet and the packing of a hospital bag.

I have a counseling session set up for Tuesday with the clinical social worker that works out of the perinatology office. She only sees people with high risk pregnancies. She should "get it" more than others have. I hope its a good match. I have been prescribed zoloft by the peri, to be started now. According to him. I want more information about safety. He said if its a choice between a little zoloft now or me needing to be admited for PPA a couple of weeks after the baby arrives, the zoloft is a better choice. I am going to speak the the counselor about it. Who knows, maybe this time I won't have post partum mental health issues, but I won't count on it.

My breasts are leaking colostrum. I am not sure that this ever happened when I was carrying Titus. Hoping this is a sign of a milk supply to come.