Tuesday, September 15, 2009

worst fear realized

Regaurding the RE. He said exactly what I was afraid he would say. There will be no more testing, no treatment short of IVF with PGD, or IVF with donor eggs, at a cost of about 20 grand. Again, I cant afford to miscarry such an expensive baby.

He says my chance for carrying the next pregnancy to term is about 50% . Ive lost babies when I have been told my chance had decreased to 2%. 50% seems pretty bleak. He also told me that if I lose one more, my chances for a sucessful future pregnancy plummet. Anvil and I have decided on attempting one more pregnancy, but will probably hold off for a few months. I have a new job starting soon. Not that its the sort of job that would keep me from wanting to ttc, or that I would feel super bad about quitting if the going got tough, pregnancy wise. We could really use the extra income though. I want to start saving money for an adoption.


  1. Sorry to hear this news. I know what you mean about not wanting to risk miscarrying a 20K baby. I did IVF with PGD, and still miscarried perfectly normal twins.

    I hate the kind of choices and decisions we have to think about in our position. What to spend the money on, what to try next, how to calculate the best odds when you are the one percent of the one percent.

    Not a fun ride.

  2. thanks, it is a rotten choice. For both of us,, for all of us. My husband and I are solidly in the American middle class and these things are still beyond our grasp, at least for now. I dont know how people manage.