Friday, December 3, 2010

a date with three girls..

Brian and I have a play date with the girls set up for next Friday. They will visit with us at our house for a few hours. Then on Saturday, we will go to their current foster home. Sunday they have a farewell party with their foster family, and Monday they come here. It seems a little truncated, the transition. But I can live with it, I just hope their little hearts dont break again. Its a damn shame that they have to be shuttled around.

The caseworker said today, that she wants to speak with me more about fostering their infant sibling after mom gives birth in late jan/ early feb. That would make for an awful full house. Of course I want the newborn here. I guess we will just let it play out. Its totally possible that mom will split the state.


  1. Yeah, that transition is far from what I would recommend with the children I work with, but hopefully they are resilient and will do well. Good luck and have fun with them!

  2. It does sound really fast - but goodness me - next weekend! I really hope that you all cope okay with the move. Good luck

  3. Hoping it all goes well for you guys, and the girls.