Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD)

The little area of concern that the peri had turned out to be fine BUT the cardiologist found a ventricular septal defect. A moderate sized hole in his little heart. Often these close up/ heal on their own, but not always. The larger they are, the less likely to close from what I understand. If  it does not close it will probably require surgery when the baby is 3-5 months of age.

The main reason they sent me to the pediatric cardiologist was to totally rule out a heart defect. Short arms and legs combined with a congenital heart defect points to Down syndrome. Baby boy has no other markers for Downs.. but I'm not sure if that means a lot. We are still unwilling to do an amnio. I intend to speak to the genetics lady in the next couple of days.

This particular heart defect does occur with Downs, but it isn't the kind most commonly associated with it. It is the most common sort of heart defect for all babies, otherwise healthy or not.

The pediatric cardiologist does not want to see me again while I'm pregnant. He said they will give the baby another echo shortly after birth and see where he is at. I am free to deliver at my regular hospital (on my HMO plan) or he said he could arrange it so that my insurance would pay for me to deliver there, at the world class hospital with all the specialists. I guess I will discuss that with the peri or the OB.

This brings up that age old question.. WHY ME? These defects might be common but its still only 1 in 500. Why the shit end of the stick for me, again? I guess one can always be thankful that it isnt worse but that only goes so far.

edit to add some good news

I came home to a new mattress set today. A simmons beauty rest firm pillow top. It feels like heaven. Im prepared to say goodbye to the sacro illiac joint pain thats been waking me in the night. Nice surprise from Brian. Bless him.

The baby has a name. Titus Sebastian Holt.  A strong manly name for a runty little guy with a bad heart!


  1. Awww, love the name! Your little man is going to show you JUST how strong he is I think! He is going to be PERFECT. I bet that hole clears up on its own. Give your guy some credit:). And enjoy that mattress!

  2. Great name! I understand your feelings about why me, and even though it could be worse, it doesn't mean you have to feel wonderful about it. However, you'll get through it like you always do, and take it in your stride. And with any luck, it will just clear up by itself and this will be the last time you have to worry about anything! xx

  3. I'm so sorry you have this uncertainty to contend with. I just wanted to say that my sister was born with a hole in her heart and when she was five it was determined that she didn't need surgery. I hope your son's issue is similarly non-complicated and invasive.

  4. That is a very strong name, for a very strong boy. I concur with Panamahat. Praying that the hole will resolve itself.