Tuesday, December 20, 2011

bit by bit

It's getting better. Zoloft seems to be kicking in. Ativan took the edge off so I can sleep. Sleep enables me to be rational when I'm awake. Titus is sweet and snoozy.  Ive had a few girlfriends over to spoil me. Bring me lunch or baked goods. The darkness this time of year gets to me even when I'm not having a mental health crisis.  On the whole, much better now.

The foster girls came over for a gift exchange and some holiday fun Sunday evening. They met the baby for the first time. The girls are growing so fast. It was just over a year ago that they came to stay with us.

I am paranoid about Titus getting a cold or the flu so I keep him in unless I have to take him to the doctor. We have ventured out when its not raining for a few spins around the neighborhood. I splashed out a bit of cash for his Britax stroller/ car seat combo but it was so worth it. light weight.. even I can put the stroller in the car without much hassle. Hes been up to the children's hospital for a final consult with the pediatric cardiologist. Actually a different one than I saw while he was in utero. They did yet another echo cardiogram ( did 2 while he was in the NICU) and she said his heart looks great. She will not need to see him again until he is 3 years of age. That said, he still has to have a surgery! On his penis.. poor little guy. He has a birth defect of the penis called hypospadias. Basically his pee hole is in the wrong spot, and the penis bends in an odd manner. So in the interest of not making him sit when he pees and of him being able to have normal sexual function as an adult, the doc will need to do a repair. I don't know 100% whats involved but we have another consult when he is 4 months old and will learn more then. The surgery is to be done anytime after 6 months of age.

Still no news from Genetics.

Presently waiting for my mother to arrive so I may get a shower and fix dinner and she can have some baby snuggle time.


  1. so pleased things are looking up. Sorry to hear Titus has to have surgery on his penis though. Hopefully it won't be too traumatic for him (or for you!). xx

  2. So glad to hear you are emerging from the funk. I will say, even without post partum depression, the weeks after a new baby felt "foggy" and depressing to me. And SO exhausting. Your little man is SO cute and I will tell you this - it gets SO much easier as they get older. Around 4 months old when they can regulate themselves more as far as eating and sleeping and you feel like you are on a predictable schedule is when things seemed to pick up for me. And I was happy to hear the foster girls got to re-connect with you, what a gift for them. And I'm so glad your mom is coming to help - I never had anyone like that once family from out of state left and I would have pain money for it, lol! Hang in there, momma!