Thursday, January 19, 2012


Life is returning to normal. Titus is sort of sleeping through the night. As much as a 9lb 2 month old can. He goes down at 11:30  and sleeps until 5am quick feed and back to sleep until 8. So I am sleeping too. The anxiety is mostly gone. 

Lets see, since my last post I finally saw the OB for a post partum checkup. She said everything looks good. We discussed birth control, which just seems silly. She assured me that she has seen lots of less than fertile women become pregnant quickly after giving birth. I dont even want to think about that. Besides, to become pregnant you need to have sex. That has not taken place for 10 months or more. Hopefully that will normalize in the next month or two as well.

Titus had his 2 month appointment. He is itty bitty. Just 8 lbs 10 oz at 9 weeks. and 21 inches. This puts him below the 2nd percentile. He is taking 4oz of formula every 3 hours except during his longer night stretch. He wiggles a lot when he is awake. The boy must just have a very fast metabolism as he eats as much as some babies nearly twice his weight.

He grins and coos a lot now, and wants to be entertained. He has mobiles and chimes. He likes to look at mirrors and stuffed animals. I read, talk, and sing to him all day long. The weather has been miserable and Im looking forward to spring so we can get out a bit more. I would like to take him to the baby story hour at the library but I worry about virus germs this time of year. I wonder if his poor little immune system will be crap because I cant breastfeed.

Brian and I plan to have another foster child in our home when we return from England & Iceland this spring. This trip had been planned for November of 2011 but that obviously didnt work out. Brian's Nanna has paid for our tickets. The trip ought be booked pretty soon. Working on getting Titus his passports. British and US. International travel with a baby of 5 months should be interesting.

I have been spending time on the phone bonding with the foster girl's  adoptive mom. I think I figured out a way to get to see them whenever I like. I offered to trade next weekend. Titus for the girls for a few hours. She was thrilled. Brian and I will take the ladies to ballet and then we will all have lunch together at their house.


  1. Oh, he sounds so perfect!! I wouldn't worry too much about his immune system (at least not as it relates to breastfeeding or not). I mean, yes, it is a factor, but not the ONLY factor. I had one formula fed and one breastfed and my breastfed baby got sick earlier than my formula fed baby. And they've been sick the exact same amount of times. So, who knows! Oh, and I think it is SO wonderful that the girls get to keep you in their lives - that is so amazing. Even if it means you have to trade your cute little boy for a few hours:). LOVE his smile!!

  2. What a cutie pie!! Sounds like you have a lot planned. I hope the trip to the UK goes smoothly, and how lovely you can manage to still have contact with the girls- you are remarkable! I am especially pleased that the anxiety has abated. Now you can just focus on enjoying your little man to the full!

    I am sorry I have been bad at keeping in touch, especially when you have been struggling. I have thought of you often, but have been struggling to come up for air myself. xx

  3. I wouldn't worry too much about his immune system, at least not to a point where you feel guilty about not breast feeding. Sure, the milk contains all your antibodies, but your baby's immune system also gets a boost by for example Skin to skin time. Lots and love and cuddling is equally important and, that's something your little guy seem to get plenty of.:)