Monday, July 12, 2010


Is it possible that I am nesting in anticipation of foster children? Yesterday I washed/polished all my wooden blinds, which are on every window in the house. Very unlike me. Today I sanitized every surface in the kitchen, including all the appliances and bleached out the washing machine. Then, I decided it was time to seal/stain the grout on the entire kitchen floor. its midnight and I have just finished. I had Brian order a kit for a new garden shed,, I could go on. Maybe Im just paranoid about the homestudy, but maybe nesting instinct isnt totally hormone based. perhaps its psychological. hmm. I wonder if other fostering/adopting parents get this urge.

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  1. I have the urge, but not the energy! Can you come do my house next please? Of course nesting is part psychological, everything about pregnancy is not just hormone-based. Enjoy your nesting - it's a natural part of expecting!