Monday, July 5, 2010

I dont have pneumonia, so far as they can tell. I was given a big dose of broad spectrum antibiotics which will end today, just in case. Coughing up less stuff so maybe there was some sort of low grade bacterial infection in there. I have gained 7 lbs in the past 2.5 weeks on the steroids. Gulp. Im still easily winded and a little wheezy in the evenings. The steroids are done in 4 days, and I really hope I never have to take them again. To think I used to be a smoker, cant imagine that now.

A packet of Femara appeared at my door this past week. A gift from a friend and I decided to play doctor and up my dose to 5mg. I produced one mature follicle on 2.5 but my lp was still so darned short, even with the double luteal phase prometrium. My OB thinks the higher doses are better for my crumby lp for some reason. I figure it cant hurt. This will be the last cycle before I take a 3 month break. I will take the 3 final doses of clomid and perhaps one final dose of femara, and if I still dont have a baby thats probably the end. I will still have the mexican clomid but Im feeling like I have to draw the line somewhere. Some research suggests diminishing returns after 3 non pregnant medicated cycles but I think thats all out the window for somebody like me with an ovulation disorder, who ovulates on the meds and has been pregnant on them several times. I cant afford injects even if my RE was willing to do them. Ive told Brian that in 5 or 6 years I would like to try a pregnancy with donor eggs, if we have the 20 grand, but perhaps by then we will have completed our family through adoptions.

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  1. So glad you don't have pneumonia. Sorry the steroids have knocked you around though. Good luck with the femara!