Thursday, March 24, 2011

You will never guess...

I ordered my meds today from Walgreen's speciality pharmacy. They cost 1200 dollars and are non refundable under any circumstances. They will be delivered tomorrow morning.

I also took a pregnancy test this evening  because I had a teeny weeny bit of spotting at the wrong time in my cycle. The spotting stopped a few days ago, and I am super duper pregnant. I have never seen pregnancy tests so positive in all my days. I took 4 of them including a digital. I have no idea when I ovulated but had that follicle measuring 14 on cd 10. must have been like cycle day 13.. 14. Im now on cd 26.

Life is pretty fucking weird.

Edit to add that I had intercourse only once this cycle, on day 12.


  1. Congratulations! What amazing news! I'm so excited for you. You were one of my few FertilityFriend friends who stuck with me after I started my blog. I will never forget that. I just couldn't be happier for you. Keep us posted! I hope you can sell those meds for something! ;-)

  2. Whoop, whoop, whoop!
    Congratulations, I am smiling so much just now!

  3. Oh, this is SO amazing! This is how I got pg with Addy - wasn't trying, had no idea when I ovulated, couldn't remember having intercourse...and now I have a 5 week old daughter:). life IS really weird! Now the anxious first tri starts, but who cares? You are pregnant! woo hoo!!!!