Monday, July 30, 2012


My newer OB says that the life time limit on clomid is obsolete. I may have as much as I need. She said that she would prefer that I speak with her fertility nurse before we move forward, but that is really only to discuss treatment options and costs. Our HMO only does some diagnostic stuff and clomid with IUI before sending you on to an RE (and then they pay nothing) so I already know what our options are, and I already have a diagnosis of sorts. That is if you think luteal phase defect is a genuine fertility problem. That is up for debate in the medical community. Whatever the cause, I do not seem to ovulate correctly without ovarian stimulation.

We won't be doing IUI. at least not right away. I am not at all sure that it does much to increase our chances on a medicated cycle as they do not do monitored IUI's. The only monitoring they do is mid luteal phase progesterone testing.

I am having flash backs to the summer of 2008 which is when we did the first medicated cycle.

I need to lose at least 15 lbs before I become pregnant again. This shouldn't be a problem. I lose weight fairly quickly when I apply myself and we all know that it is unlikely that I will become pregnant right away.

I am not sure I even have words to express how weird this feels. To contemplate another potentially risky pregnancy. I should have more to say about that in the next few months.  Some things I plan to discuss with my OB at our upcoming preconception appointment.

  1. How likely is it that I will have another bleeding SCH? 
  2. Am I a candidate for a Vbac?
  3. Does having 1 live birth under my belt increase my chances of carrying to term with a future pregnancy?


  1. I hope all goes well as you try for baby #2. I wanted to say, if you think that LP defect is an issue, have you tried B6? I'm taking about 150mg of B6 daily (50mg in a Complete B-Vitamin and 100mg by itself - as the B6 needs B12 to absorb properly) and it has lengthened my LP from 10 days to 13. It's also helped me to ovulate a little later (I used to have very short cycles, ovulating on CD8-10 with a 10 day LP). Now my cycles are 26-27 days long, almost text book! Of course, I've been trying for five months and am still not pregnant but my cycles seem much healthier, with increased CM and everything. Maybe, if you're waiting a while to lose some weight, you can try the B6 and see if it helps? Just a suggestion.

    Good luck!

  2. I have tried taking B6 in the past with the hope that it would lengthen my LP. No luck then but it certainly couldnt hurt to try again. I will also do the TCM again. I am almost certain that weekly acupuncture and herbs helped me to conceive and carry Titus.

    Best of luck to you with your TTC endeavors.

  3. Good luck with your TTC#2 project. I am using the NaPro system to correct luteal phase defect. It seem to be working, but I'm just not falling pregnant yet. I know I'm only on my third cycle (with this protocol, and having fixed the progesterone issue), but after 9 years and 9 losses, it SEEMS like a long time! And at 42, it might just be a bit too late. I put one of my friends onto this same Dr. (She had 4 losses before one successful live birth using progesterone cream through the pregnancy, but has struggled to conceive again in 2 years). She's been on the treatment a shorter time than me and is now preggers. Sigh. Anyway, point is, although it isn't working for me, it IS working for some people and I think worth looking into?

    Thank you for the shout out re: my book. It is a very slow process because whenever I work on it my mood plummets for up to a week. Why is everything so hard?

  4. I am willing to look into the NaPro system. There are no NaPro doctors in Oregon, or anywhere close in Washington state. Still, I think I could do a long distance consult at least. Try their charting method. Lutel phase progesterone support lengthened my LP but I never got pregnant on the cycles that I tried it. Out of curiosity, what has your FSH number looked like over the years? Mine was steady at 3 between 32 and 35. Might get it drawn again just for the hell of it.