Saturday, December 8, 2012

It happened fast

I am pregnant. Very very early days. If you know me in real life not a word, not a word. We wouldn't tell until after I got out of the first trimester. That is still a big if with my history. 

Brian and I just have to hold on tight and hope for the best. It's hard not to work out a due date. Mid August I suppose. 

I already feel like shit. That has to be a good sign? I tested positive early. About 9 dpo yesterday. I always tested positive late and had low starting betas when I miscarried. Beta hell begins on Monday. My OB wants them. 


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed! I've only had an early positive once, and it was the only one to make it to term, so I'm hoping that's a good sign for you!

  2. oh WOW! I'm so glad this round of TTC didn't drag on. And wishing you a smooth ride for this pregnancy. Hope you are out of beta hell soon. xx

  3. Congrats! Hoping for a healthy and happy nine months!