Wednesday, November 28, 2012

mid cycle

My 8.5 months of pregnancy and the last year seem to have gone by in a flash. Here we are again. Sex when you don't really want it. Hormonal fluctuations. Planning and peeing on things.  I think I ovulated yesterday, maybe it's today. Let the wait commence! No hot flashes or other clomephine side effects this cycle with the exception of a foul mood. My plan is to get Brian on board for an IUI w/ injects cycle this late spring, if need be. It's dreadfully expensive. I would switch RE's. Not that thrilled with the care that I got at Oregon reproductive medicine. Will check out Oregon health science university. the only other real choice for fertility clinics.  At first I had let Brian convince me that we would simply stop after a year of timed intercourse with clomid. Then I got to thinking about the amount of emotional stamina a full year of TTC would take.  


  1. A year of TTC is tough. Hopefully it won't take nearly that long for you though.

  2. Appreciate this post. Will try it out.

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