Friday, February 1, 2013

I have not  been in for a fetal heart tones check. I am watching another baby during the day and it is just not very feasible. I would either have to take both babes with me (logistical nightmare) or bow out for the day.  If I wasn't feeling so very sick the need would be greater. As it is, my 12 week midwife appointment is coming up this Thursday. I will be very surprised if anything is not as it should be. 

Foster son "M" is still in limbo. We will be done with foster parenting once he moves. I feel like we gave it a really really good run. I have no more energy for dealing with the system. I have been worn thin by the indifference of his particular caseworker. Deaf stone wall. Our certification worker paid us a visit last Friday. We found ourselves saying over and over "we just want the caseworker to do her job". We were informed that she does not like us very well because we are critical of her work. Boo hoo. Just do your damn job lady and there will be no problem! The case transferred to her in October and she did not open the file until December, and then she got it all wrong. Couldn't figure out that the grandmother had already bombed a home study. Informed us a few weeks ago that she does not have a plan for M and will not until the permanency hearing in April. Not any definitive action mind you, just a plan. An idea of what might happen, something to aim for. Meanwhile M has been in care for over 2 years. He does not even remember his life before entering foster care. Caseworker is supposed to pay us a monthly visit at home. She has not been out once. 4 months behind. They continue to give him visits with his father as if reunification is right around the corner. Confuses the hell out of the poor kid. They even let him spend the night with his Dad around Christmas. I dealt with the repercussions of that for days afterwards. He came home and shit his pants. The boy had never had a soiling accident before that. He is almost 6 years old.|
I have been invited to a girls lunch and spa visit on Sunday. Just what the doctor ordered for the grumpy, frumpy, pregnant lady. I will be sure to update on Thursday no matter what the news.

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  1. See, that right there is why I couldn't do fostering. Dealing with the system and shitty caseworkers. Not to mention shitty parents. So glad there are people out there who can, those kids really need some love and consistency. You are doing such a great job of caring for other people's children while looking after your own and growing another one. I really admire you! xx