Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A little holiday

My husband and I are going to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary this evening, in some amount of style. We got married in a big rush as he was in the country on a tourists visa. My dad would have thrown us a bigger wedding but he wanted to do it outdoors during the summer months on his property. In the end, we just went to the courthouse at 8 am on a tuesday and got hitched. There was a small party with a few of my friends and my immediate family. His family stayed in England, even though they really wanted to come over. We didn't want them there for what was pretty much a non event, compared to the average modern wedding. In the years that have followed, we have tried to make a big deal of our anniversary to make up for the lack of pomp on the actual day. This year we meant to go out of town, at least as far as Seattle or Vancouver, but perhaps to mexico for a week. With my new job, I cant get away for more than a day and a half, as I have a mandatory meeting on my day off this week !

I have booked us a room for tonight at the hotel Monaco here in Portland, and we will have dinner out. http://www.monaco-portland.com/

I've been running myself ragged at work with new management and tons of organizational stuff to be done. Its going to be so nice to have 24 hours just to relax with my husband.

I have started a clomid cycle. Today will be day two of taking the tablets. Already getting hot flashes, will of course keep you all posted.


  1. Best of luck with the clomid cycle, I hope the side effects don't knock you around too much. Best wishes for your anniversary holiday - good to take some time out just to be together, and sounds like you could use a break. Sorry it couldn't be longer!

  2. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!!