Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Follicular phase malaise

I am on cycle day 11 of a medicated cycle, and sick as a dog. Woke up yesterday with a searing sore throat, body ache, and general fatigue. Slept the better part of yesterday, and 11 hours last night. I have pretty much ruled out strep throat, as I just dont think its too common for adults with no tonsils. Swine flu is still a possibility. Waiting to see if I develop a real fever.

Do any of you know if a virus in the follicular phase can prevent ovulation or delay it ? The only other time I was sick at the start of a clomid cycle, I did a wimpy little ovulation.

I only have so many more clomid cycles that I am allowed before they move me onto something else. Something much more expensive no doubt. I want to make the most of the cycles that I do have left but it looks like mother nature is out to get me again.

I finally have a set appointment with the psychiatrist. I can see her and keep seeing her indefinatly, or I can just go in for a med eval and go back to my clinical social worker. I dunno, I guess I will see what I think of her. I like the social worker but Im not sure we are getting much accomplished. I talk and she listens and thats it. Im disappointed to be missing my monthly support group meeting this evening, just too ill to go. Im off to drink a hot toddy and crawl into bed. Already called in sick to work tomorrow.

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