Friday, March 5, 2010

More waiting

Everyone who is infertile and trying to get pregnant / carry to term knows that you are always waiting for something. Right now we are waiting for the results of the final blood clotting stuff I had drawn a week or two ago. This makes it too late to start my IUI/ inject cycle this coming cycle. Another forced break cycle ahead. We didnt even try this month... Brian asked me why and I told him that in 7 years together, I have never been pregnant without taking clomid. He really cant seem to wrap his mind around the fact that I get positive ovulation tests and still dont ovulate in a manner thats condusive to getting pregnant.

I am busy interviewing real estate agents and figuring what I need to do by the way of sprucing up the house. there are a few minor repairs and some landscaping that need doing. Im sort of at a loss, because I have never sold a house before. I plan to rent a storage unit and make sure we have as little clutter in the house as possible. I might even hire a maid to come in a couple of times per month, as I simply dont have much time to keep a house clean enough to be ready to show at a moments notice, not without some help. The real estate agent that I have spoken with, seems to think we can sell the house for about what we paid for it. Fingers crossed. If it sells quickly, it will free up a ton of money for savings. We can can rent a small apartment for a third of our monthly mortgage payment. I have been keeping one of the spare rooms in this house, free for a nursery. Im most likely never going to set up that nursery and it feels strange.

I have been making room in my mind for the possibility that I will get a take home baby one day. In doing so Ive been making other sorts of provisions, besides that nursery. I got supplimental insurance that will pay out when I give birth, and if I have pregnancy complications that keep me out of work. I got a maternity summer dress just because it was cute and on sale.

So theres really not much to tell. Just waiting, getting all my ducks in a row for my coming cycles with the RE.

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