Wednesday, June 30, 2010

x ray

I am going in for a chest xray today. I dont know when yet, the advice nurse is asking my PCP what he wants to do exactly. I was up all night hacking and wheezing, had to try and sleep sitting up on the couch again. The predinsone should be helping with the asthma/ inflamation but the infection (whatever it is) keeps having its way with me and starting the cycle all over again. Im hoping antibiotics will be a quick fix and I can get off the 'roids, which make my heart beat too fast and cause me to feel really gross.

I gave notice at work the other day, did I mention that? 5 weeks til I am a housewife. Who knows how many weeks til I am a foster mother. The thought of the pitter patter of little feet warms my heart and brian is already sentimental about it. he got some fantastic Where the Wild things Are wall stickers the other day, to decorate a kids room. Im still not sure how to prepare for kids when we have no idea what age they will be. My stepmother (the child welfare worker) told me that I should get a crib that converts to a toddler bed, a pack and play, and a twin bed which should cover most situations that could arise. Because Brian is willing to adopt a preschool aged child, its pretty likely that we will end up adopting through the state at some point. Its just more likely that a 3 or 4 year old will be available, but we are not ruling out an infant or sibling group. This is all exciting, and has made me consider that I need to really start doing some work to not only prepare our home for these children, but myself. I dont want to be frustrated and grieving when we accept kids, I want to be open and strong.

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  1. awww, I hope you feel better soon!

    I am glad you are preparing your home AND heart for fostering, and possibly adopting. It's definitely a big step to move a little bit away from ttc and closer to adoption. It requires "letting go" of so many things. I'll be thinking of you! Congrats on becoming a housewife very soon:).