Thursday, September 30, 2010

What do you know!?

I got a message from our foster/adopt certifier today. She said that she turned in our homestudy/file to her supervisor yesterday, and it's going to be "staffed" tomorrow. I wasn't at all sure what staffing meant, so I phoned m stepmother who said that it means that it will be reviewed and signed and DONE tomorrow. Probably along with a few other people on our certifier's case load. Whew! Since Brian and I are being put on the shelter care hotline list, stepmom says we could be getting calls as early as tomorrow evening, as lots of kids need shelter care at night and on the weekends. Of course they will be looking for a longer term placement for us, but sometimes a shelter placement can lead to a long term foster placement, and its the best way to get babies right from the hospital.
Very excited, will update soon.

On another topic, Ive been in email contact with an RE on the East coast with some special RPL credentials. He told me to get Brian in for a sperm DNA fragmentation test. Have any of you heard of this or done it? My own RE has not mentioned it. He seems to think its just as likely to be a male factor thing as something wrong with my eggs. Who knows? If the test came back abnormal, we would be willing to consider a few donor sperm,clomid, IUI cycles.


  1. VERY excited for you! I wonder what your weekend will have in store?

    DH had the DNA fragmentation test done (SCSA) and they came back awesome. Funny really, as his 'normal' sperm panel had not been that great. He's had the general panel done from time to time and it always seems to fluctuate a lot (never as awful as the first one though, thank goodness) but we only had to do the DNA fragmentation once. I always think tests are good for peace of mind- if there is something wrong, then I want to know about it!

    Oh, and no doctor told us to do it, again, I researched it myself....

  2. OMG, so exciting! I can't wait to hear about your big call!

    I know NOTHING about that test, but good luck to you and dh!