Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Anatomy scan.. not the best

To get to the point, the radiologist didn't like the images they got of the heart. He said it could have been due to lack of skill on the technicians part. Just couldn't quite see what he needed to see. Could be nothing, but is enough of a concern that I need to follow up with a perinatologist on Friday. They even had the peri cancel a less urgent appointment to fit me in. They also said that the arm and leg bones are too short. But this runs in my family and when the radiologist phoned the peri he said that wasn't a concern.. just wanted better images of the heart. I had a little cry already just because I so badly wanted to leave without any worry. To feel better instead of worse.

But without further delay I will tell you that its obviously a BOY.  I have to concentrate on that for the next few days. Will post pictures soon and sure to have some better ones from the peri.


  1. Praying that it is nothing. Yay a BOY!

  2. Oh Emily, I hate that you are still having to worry. Why can't this just be EASY? Thinking of you and hoping for the best on Friday. Big love to you. xx

  3. Congrats on your little man! Little boys are SO sweet:).

    I am so sorry there is more worry. Try to hold it together, as a lot of times they THINK they see something and then it is nothing! I know you will of course worry, that is what mommies do! Hang in there hun and enjoy that little man in there:).

  4. Congrats on having a son! So exciting.

    I'm sorry you're anatomy scan brought worry instead of assurance. I hope that the follow-up appointment will show that it's nothing but some back ultrasound tech work.