Thursday, August 18, 2011

exhaustion hits

I am so so tired.  I don't know how people manage huge families. I feel like I'm totally done. Like I could sleep for the next 13 weeks. The little ladies will be here for another 6 weeks. Ive turned into a Walrus who cant tie her own shoes or get the clothes of the front loading washing machine.  It would be fine.. more than fine but I have so much work to do.

I think better nutrition and a little more time carved out for myself will help get me through the next month and a half. Sadly Brian will then have to pick up the slack. Maybe I can hire a sitter  5 hours a week. Somebody who wouldn't mind switching the laundry for me while I go float in a pool or get my hair cut. I desperately need to see a dentist for my bleeding pregnancy gums but there hasn't been time and I cant take the kids with me like I do when I have OB appointments.

Sorry for the whine. If any of you have tips for how to manage a busy kid schedule while feeling like you got hit by a cement mixer, I welcome them.

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  1. I didn't have all those kids, but I had one little baby when I was pregnant and I was tired ALL the time. I mean, just bone tired. I have no advice - just having the baby and getting past the newborn stage is what finally freed up some energy for me...sorry!