Monday, August 15, 2011

The girl's father has split up with his long term girlfriend. I'm not sure what will happen now. Their social worker was here last week and did mention that the girlfriend was a major deciding factor in whether or not they would reunify with the Dad. Shes not sure at all about his ability to care for all 3 of them himself.  This was before we learned about the break up.

I am disappointed for the girls. This was a sure enough thing that I had started to cue them about living with "daddy". Now it is totally up in the air. The current plan is to put them in another foster home. This plan sucks if you ask me. We wait and see what the social worker comes up with between now and late September when they have their next court date.

Brian and i had a lovely stay at the beach. Nearly 48 hours of no kids to mind. We had a swim in the hotel pool ( you dont swim in this part of the pacific its rough and COLD). Lots of meals out, I got my fill of Dungeness crab. Its a bit on the rich side but its so tasty. Our bed was positioned near the balcony which looked right out on the beach. We enjoyed visiting a local Pioneer museum.

My stepmother has offered to us a beautiful bassinet from the late 40's. a family heirloom. Sadly, I dont think its quite safe. Its lovely to look at though. I hate to tell her no.

Over the weekend we had discussed giving the social worker until the 1st of November to move the girls, hoping that would buy a little more time for the reunification efforts with the dad. In light of recent events Im not sure that is a great idea. I dont think they should move schools if we can avoid it.  I feel that if they cant make things with the parents work then they should switch right to finding an adoptive placement. The mom is signing the papers so the state does not have to terminate her rights. We will see what happens with their father. Brian intends to attend the next court date and speak his mind about a few things. I hope I can be there too.


  1. Sadly, I see this happen to so many kids I work with. Plans change so quickly and we expect children to just go with it, and the poor things just can't keep up! They are lucky to have you thinking about THEIR needs and advocating for them. So glad you and Brian had a wonderful time together! If you are anything like us, once baby comes, you will not even get out to eat dinner together for a year, lol!

  2. Those poor girls. I hope the next placement they get will be a permanent one. It's a crying shame. You don't have to tell your stepmother no about the bassinet. Why not just take it and use it for something else? She doesn't have to know, right? If she questions you, maybe you could say it was too precious to use, you didn't want to break it/get it dirty, etc!

    I am glad you had a nice holiday. Beach. Pool. Crab. Sounds divine!