Tuesday, August 9, 2011

perfectly short

We saw the perinatolgist today. Titus' limbs are still measuring short but they are growing. Still about 3 weeks behind and in the 5th percentile.  They said he would get another echo cardiogram today but the peri said he didnt feel the need to. So they just measured him and the doc messed around with the 4 D ultrasound for a while. That was a treat, I had never had one and wasnt about to pay for one at some private place.  This is still a bit early for good 4 D images. They fatten up quite a bit by 28 weeks but it was fun to see what he sort of looks like. I am 26 weeks today.

Its been decided by the peri that I will deliver at the hospital on the other side of town that is affiliated with my HMO. Because its in network and has an NICU. Titus will need an echo cardiogram as soon as he is born. I asked about the fancy medical school hospital where the pediatric cardiologist guy is but they said they thought it over and its not needed. Im a little disappointed because of my 3 possible places, this hospital is the worst. Its in a posh part of town but as I understand it, their birthing facilities are not as good as the hospital closer to my place or OHSU. At least baby will be well looked after. Its now time to pre register at this hospital and take a tour.

Other than all that, just loving these foster girls. I have the caseworker coming tomorrow afternoon for a home visit. Tomorrow morning I supervise a visit with the girls and their mother as the regular DHS visit assistant is out on medical leave and they cant find anyone to fill in for her. I dont want the ladies to miss out on seeing Mom. This weekend the girls will stay with my parents in Eugene while we head to the coast for a couple of days. Ahh. Car wants servicing and that will have to happen on Thursday, even if I have to cancel some appointments. I hardly ever have time to get my car fixed. I need it every day and its hard to bus around with 3 little ones in tow. My step mom is a child protective case worker for the state of Oregon. She had to sign a conflict of interest form to provide respite care for us. This form had to be signed by her supervisor, the branch manager and some head of the agency in the capital. CRAZY.

My sister in law gave birth to a beautiful baby girl early Friday morning. Jessica Emily H.  7 lb 8 oz.  I wish I could fly to England tomorrow to see them. I might have mentioned before that Brian's sister's husband left her when she was about 14 weeks pregnant. Im so proud of her for doing what she needed to do and being strong these past months. A trip to the UK is certainly in order, whenever Titus gets the OK to fly. Its a long past due trip.


  1. Sounds like all is going well! I'm so happy for you:)! Don't worry about the hospital - you'll be so exhausted, exhilarated and overwhelmed that it probably won't matter:). Take care!

  2. Wow, there is always so much going on at your place! Congrats on the new niece. Glad to hear Titus is going well. Loved the 4D pics. Happy to know you are going to get a short break!

  3. I have been meaning to comment but I'm so busy. Reading about the possible skeletal disorder and measuring long and short bones brings back my pregnancy memories. You sound like you are doing very well. Did they make sure that it's not IUGR?

  4. What a cutie! Thanks for sharing pictures of him. I hope goes well at the hospital, even though it's not your first choice.

  5. Aren't the 4D pictures cool. I get them every week, and only recently have they started to look like a real baby, but she's still just skin and bones. I'm glad the doctors feel good about Titus and hopefully the hospital tour will make you feel better. Have a nice mini vacation on the coast. I am so jealous.