Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Looks like

They found a home for the girls. An adoptive home if need be, and I'm sure it will come to that. I almost squealed when I got the call late this afternoon.  I am so excited for the girls. Not that they have to move again, and form new attachments that just sucks however you look at it, but because this situation looks so hopeful. These people are my age, been married for 14 years and have no children. The woman seemed so thrilled and frightened on the phone. Going from zero to three kids is a huge deal. I'm giving her as much stuff as I can and hopefully she will come to me for advice and support if they need it.

I will give more details as I get them.  I have to start packing, the transition will begin this weekend when we meet the family for a meal.  Much work to be done sorting out all their paper work and making sure the medication protocols are printed out, the schools are informed etc. The girls know that they are going to meet a nice family this weekend. The actual move is likely not going to take place for a week or so.

This seems to be exactly what I was hoping for and not a moment too soon. Brian told me not to count my chickens (I don't think he knows the name of my blog) because social services can move so slow and you never know what will happen, but I think they are trying to work with our deadline and I seriously doubt they would have given this adoptive mom our number if it wasn't going full speed ahead.

Brian and I feel a strange mixture of excitement , relief, and being totally gutted. Going to be strange getting used to an empty house, even if its only empty for another 5 or 6 weeks after they leave. I feel possessive of these children and the hardest part will be turning their care over to another family.


  1. Oh so bittersweet. First, yay! Because you will be able to rest and concentrate on your sweet baby boy...AND these girls will go to a family that sounds perfect for them - open, young, loving and they desperately want them! That is wonderful! And sorry. Of course you will miss them, of course it is hard to let them go. I am SO happy your phone number was shared with the new home - I hope they keep a relationship with you, that would be great for you and for them. Hang in there during this big transition for your family!

  2. I am very pleased to hear of this encouraging movement on the part of social services (finally!), though I understand the tugs on your heartstrings and conflicted emotions that will come with the girls' leaving. I hope you fall in love with their new family and that will help you to feel happier about the transition. x