Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4 days past IUI

Brian and I went in early Saturday morning for sperm wash/ IUI. Brian had to provide his sample at the clinic, but he was a good sport about it. He said there was porn playing on a flat screen tv in the collection room, and it was all women on women anal action ! I wonder, who picks this stuff? Brian reckoned that they just wanted to exclude anything having to do with another man. We had a pleasant breakfast while waiting for the sperm to be prepped. Our fertility clinic is located in a swanky part of town and we were there early, beating the weekend rush. Come IUI time, the doctor on shift informed us that Bri only had ten million motile sperm. From what I understand, this is not a great number. We went ahead with the insemination and that was that.

I have the next two days off, and lots to do in order to get ready for mexico. Canceling the Organics to you produce delivery, ironing and packing, putting together a first aid kit, filling prescriptions. If I get my period while in mexico, Im going right into a clomid cycle with the OB, as I wont be home in time for a monitored cycle with the RE. Speaking of packing, Brian went out on his lunch yesterday and got himself some spiffy new summer clothes. He wanted to know if they look too girly or yuppie. I told him that he lives in a city and there is no shame in wearing nice clothes that dont stink of grunge era 1992. So Brian is going to be all sauve and meterosexual on vacation and I think its cute and funny. Speaking of my produce box, its getting to be that time of year when the good stuff starts rolling in. Since its mostly local and organic we spend the winter eating a lot of kale, sweet potatoes, onions, and other root veg. Now its lovely lettuce, salad greens, asparagas, and herbs. Soon there will be strawberries. It sounds silly, but the feeling of abundance that I get from opening the box each week, does wonders for my mental health. I feel lucky to live in a place where there is so much fresh, fabulous food. And that I have a nice house to live in, and a mostly good quality of life.

Thanks to all of you that are commenting and rooting for me. It means a lot.


  1. Good luck on your IUI! I'm so excited for you! Have a great trip to Mexico. I hope it's a grea time of rest and relaxation for you. :)

  2. Good luck on this cycle ! Can't wait to hear how it goes! Have SO Much fun in Mexico!! I'm a little jealous:).