Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Real Quick

before I dash off to work and totally forget to update. I decided to go ahead with femara/IUI cycle. baseline ultrasound yesterday, and first letrezole tablet. never had an antral follicle count before, so that was interesting. doc put me on the lowest possible dose of femara, and I sort of wonder what he was thinking. its not like I have unexplained infertility or something, I have a diagnosed ovulation problem that my OB liked to whollop with 100 mg of clomid every month. I barely responded to that. I guess he is the RE trained at john hopkins and I am not. next ultrasound is on the 20th. Im presently on cd 4. I mentioned elswehere but will say it again, Im not pleased or releived to be taking a different oral ovulation stimulation drug. I dont give a shit about side effects. I would rather be doing IVF or domestic adoption or something more effective. this feels like more of the same crap Ive been doing for the past two years. and I couldnt care less if I sprouted hair from my chest or started bleeding out of my hands and feet, as long as I ovulate properly.


  1. Oh, it seems like hope is dwindling! I know that feeling of just giving up on the "same old." Hence, my adoption process! BUT, just as we started my process, we DID get pg on femara, with a natural cycle (no IUI). So, while I lost the baby, I still have a special place in my heart for femara:). Good luck, girl! It could happen ANY time, really!

  2. faith, as you know my problem isnt so much getting pregnant, although thats a bit of challenge, its staying pregnant, and the femara wont effect that one way or the other. hope isnt gone though, it ebbs and flows. thanks for your support