Sunday, May 23, 2010


I don't think I mentioned that I smuggled 60 clomid tablets back from mexico. I got them at a reputable pharmacy directly from the mexican pharmacist, so Im fairly confident that the pills are just fine. I snuck them back in a clomid rx bottle. I have a prescription, but not for that many pills. I take 100 mg, so this is six months worth. Should I need it. I like having it as an option. I wrote my OB asking her to order another HSG for me. My last one was in June of 'o8. If Im going to keep consuming clomid and the like, I want to make sure that the tubes are all clear. I also cant help thinking that it very well could give a little fertility boost, even with the water based dye as opposed to the old school oil based dye. My OB has agreed to that. She said she would prescribe Femara if I prefer to take that so I dont have to pay so much to have monitored cycles with the RE, but I would prefer to stick with clomid for now. Its been proven to assist in getting me knocked up and I dont get the horrid side effects on it. I hardly notice that I'm on clomid at all.

Today is cycle day 17 and Im probably ovulating today. I had a positive OPK yesterday. Ive been using opks for YEARS and have finally figured out the clear blue ones are the most reliable.

We have decided to stay in our house for another year. I had a real estate agent out here last week. Who knew that we would have to come up with 20 grand in closing costs ? We are hoping to stay and build a little more equity,perhaps do a for sale by owner. Prices are going back up in my hood. Brian would still like to apply to grad school but we wouldnt need to relocate until late summer of 2011.

Thanks for responding to my last post. The three of you gave me a lot to chew on and mull over. I agree that IVF with donor eggs is a pretty great option if one can afford it. Who knows, maybe in 5 years the price will drop as it becomes more and more common. For now its probably wiser for me to dedicate my savings to an adoption. I wish the stupid adoption tax credit wasnt in constant danger of expiring.

Brian and I have agreed to take some foster children for the duration of the time we are in Portland. From what I understand the average placement is a few months, so we might go through a few sets of kids before we pack it up and move. My step mother works for the department of human services here in Oregon, so she knows everything there is to know about the foster system here and a possible foster to adopt situation. From what she says, people do adopt infants out of foster care fairly often, but you really cant bet on it. Its sort of about being in the right place at the right time. I know its not fair, but she has some inside info about the children in care that might give Brian and I an advantage. So if that happens, wonderful. If not, we still get our feet wet in the world of foster care. I get to direct some of the mommy instinct into something productive, and hopefully we can be of some benefit to kids who really need the attention of stable adults. We have two rooms in our house that arent being used for anything except neglected exercise equipment and book storage. After we do the classes and the homestudy, I will quit my job and get a mini van ! Isnt that wild ? Me, a stay at home "mom" even for a short while? Its what Ive been wanting. This is something we have been discussing for a long time. We know its a lot of hard work and will cause a major upheaval in our home, but I welcome it.


  1. Wow, lots of big plans for you! I'm sure you've heard that the adoption tax credit was extended through 2011 with the health care bill. We can only hope it will be extended past that, too.

    I also work with foster children in my state. I'm surprised your state says placements are only 3 months...that has never been my experience, but different states have different rules I guess. I do see some foster parents adopt infants in their home, but there is always the chance of reunification, and if not that, a relative is found and wants the baby and the law in my state is they get first placement choice. It's hard to see sometimes. Anyway, it's a beautiful thing to foster children in need and I wish you luck!

    A minivan and no job sounds nice:). Can't wait to hear all about it! Good luck on the Clomid!

  2. thanks faith, I really think thats just an average. I know it could be longer or shorter. I dont have any illusions about the ease of adopting an infant through the state, but I do have a girlfriend who has done it three times so Ive seen that its possible.

    I hope the adoption tax credit stays put as long as you need it, but I sort of have my doubts as to weather or not it would be there should I need it in the next couple of years. its been so touch and go.

  3. I admire you for considering foster care. I love the idea of it, but just know I would find the reality too hard. Too much to bear, emotionally. I would be forever up on my soapbox ranting about how it isn't fair that children have to go back into situations I think are unsuitable. Or that they came from them in the first place. I know that's a lame excuse, and thank goodness not all people are as chicken as me, or a desperately needed service would not get done. So I applaud you for being that most excellent of people who does.

    Is the US postal service thorough on checking all international packages? I have a packet of clomid I will never use again. In fact, I am not sure I did use any of it. I think I just tried the fermara. Anyway. Seems a shame for it to go to waste...

    Good luck with that O today! xx

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