Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The State

The state worker hasnt returned any of my calls. I spoke to somebody else in her office and they wont give me any information at all, except to say that nobody has any luck getting this woman on the phone and that if I dont hear from her by next tuesday, that they will shoot her an email on my behalf. I just want to know where I can get an application and when the next orientation class is. I also need to go in for fingerprinting but none of the literature they sent a few months ago provides any clue about where that might happen. Im reminded of the movie Brazil, only I cant even get my hands on a stupid 27b/6 form. I need a Mr. Tuttle to blow a bunch of shit into their office via a very complicated duct system. That would make me feel better. Seriously, I was told that they are bad about returning calls but this is stupid. How does anyone become a foster parent ? I asked my stepmother how I should proceed, and she said to give them another day or so, then get a supervisor on the phone. She works for the same department, only in a different city.

I wanted to tell Faith that she was so right about the 3 month average placement being incorrect. The average placement is actually something like 400 days. I think I will just need to be upfront about how long we are likely to be in Oregon. I can probably still do some shelter care or a shorter term placement.

Ive been cooking up a storm in recent days. blueberry muffins with strusel, turkey and italian sausage meatballs with fresh fennel, pasta with fava beans and a lovely pesto that I whipped up myself. We got a bunch of fava beans in our veg boxes the past couple of weeks. Anyone have any ideas about what else I could do with them ? besides serving them with human flesh and a nice chianti ala hanibal lecter ?

Fertility Friend says I ovulated on cycle day 15. I disagree and say 16 or 17. No matter, as we didnt really have enough sex this month to cover all our bases. It's possible but,, meh. My HSG is ordered for next cycle, I just have to call in when I get my period. The radiologist at kaiser is horribly inept at performing these things without pain. From what I have read, its really all about the finesse of the doctor. This time I am bringing my mommy and asking my OB for a something a bit stronger than Ibuprofen.

Im sort of wondering If Im really cut out for dealing with the state for a year or more, if Im bristling so much at a few rude receptionists and 2.5 days worth of unreturned calls. We will see.


  1. Yeah, that placement time sounds WAY more accurate to what I see in my work. We usually see kids in placement a little over a year, so that is exactly what I would have thought. Not sure if that was what you wanted to hear, though:)? You do have to have tough skin working with the state, so this is just practice:).

    As for your cycle - never say never. We got pregnant the second time on a cycle we were technically trying (no IUI, intercourse regularly, etc). We had sex ONE time the night of the trigger and that was it. And, boom, baby #2. You never know!

    And get STRONG drugs for your HSG, girl!!! My old RE gave me nothing and it hurt like hell! My new RE hands out pain meds beforehand... I love that!

    Good luck!!

  2. Faith, I dont really mind how long the placement is, they tell me that they can use people even in the shorter term, especially infant shelter care. thats fine. and its also quite possible we wont be able to move our house and be here for another two years. Ive had an HSG before and it was god awful. some say they arent that bad. Im going to ask for a vicodin or something like that, cause the ibuprofen did nothing the last time.