Monday, April 11, 2011

Live baby check = ok

I had my first prenatal appointment today. OB wasnt worried about my brown spotting. I tried to talk her out of the pap and pelvic but she rolled her eyes and did it anyway. She didnt see any blood in there, but admited to nicking me at some point during the exam. So I will certainly bleed some more.  I got the reward of a short ultrasound afterwards, and the bub appeared to be alive and well. 

They dont plan to give me another ultrasound for 4 weeks. I could hardly make it two days, I might have to take issue with the OB over this one. I want another quick one in a week or so.


  1. Emily- You are a high risk patient therefore they should give you weekly scans at least through the first trimester. RPL= High Risk = for the love of God give the woman some sense of calm with weekly scans

  2. lol, I agree with amylynn! My RE did weekly scans until he passed me on to the OB at 12 weeks (who was my RE's wife!) and she did them weekly for me until 15 weeks! Then they slowed down, but it was SO nice to have that through the first tri. Fight for it, girl! And congrats on another wonderful scan:).

  3. "Hi, Emily. If you would like to come in sooner than your next appointment that would be fine. I will have someone call you to schedule an appointment with me or one of my partners for an office scan next week. Take care."


    yay for me!

  4. So happy - so relieved...
    you get those extra scans and get your reassurance!