Saturday, April 9, 2011

sick and fine

The ultrasound really was a quicky. Nurse midwife was very sympathetic, and told me she had 4 miscarriages before she had her children. The embryo measured 8w4d. Last Friday it was at 7w3. We feel as reassured as possible.  I have a picture,  but the machine is so low res it just looks like a blob. A blob that is considerably larger than it was last week.

I am sick. Queasy has progressed to trying to avoid vomiting morning, noon, and night. I am so tired.
And I'm not complaining, I'm glad. But still sick and frightened and responsible for 3 little ones. My mom left yesterday evening after helping me out for 24 hours. She is still working though so might not be able to do this again for a while.  I am prepared to tell social services that I need help, if it comes down to it. Either respite or help with transport to appointments and such. Or just tell them that I am taking a month off from driving them around all day.

The midwife has prescribed vitamin D, anti gas meds, fish oil, and algae supplements. She has also ordered a bunch of blood work, thinks i am at increased risk of gestational diabetes because of my weight, age, and family history. I go in tomorrow to get my blood sugar, iron, and vitamin D levels checked. Finally get to meet my very own OB on Monday morning. Ive been told I can refuse the pap because I am at low risk for cervical cancer. Im not sure what she will have to add to what the midwife already told me. I do enjoy having a "team" of health professionals rooting for me and fussing over me.

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