Sunday, April 10, 2011


Ive been spotting brown blood since last night. its light. I know bleeding and spotting CAN be ok in early pregnancy. Its never been ok for me though. The midwife did say on friday, that I could spot a bit after my vaginal ultrasound. I never have before, but I suppose its possible. I despise "keeping an eye on it". I hate "we will have to wait and see". I had a good cry this morning.


  1. Oh, that is scary! So sorry you have to worry so much! What I do know is that brown blood usually is normal and nothing to worry about - just old gunk getting cleaned out. Hang in there, hun!

  2. I hate "wait and see" too. I hope you can use the girls as distraction enough to get you by while you wait. Sending love and hope. x