Wednesday, June 23, 2010


My lungs havnt improved, in fact they got worse as I started tapering off the steroids. they only gave me a 6 day taper to start. Yesterday I was back at the doctor, the asthma has reached the point where its scaring me and freaking the doc out a bit too. They gave me breathing treatments and a much longer course of the prednisone, at a way higher dose with the hope that will get things under control. If Im not better tomorrow, I will probably have to check myself into the hospital. How the hell did this happen? Ive had some mild asthma as an adult but never like this. Im considering going on an anti inflamatory diet after all this. it helped with a tendinitis flare up a few years ago. I feel like such a decrepit old lady. Im not thinking at all about being pregnant this cycle. I did take clomid, and have intercourse but with as sick as Ive been, its hard to imagine. Plus I ovulated late, and I never get pregnant when I ovulate late. ARG. Ive lost any reasonable expectation that the clomid is going to help me get pregnant. I know it still could, and did in the past its just not computing in my brain. My brain says "this hasnt worked the last 5 times, why should it this time". My OB sent an email today saying that shes hopefull for me, and to call her if I need anything. Thats pretty sweet of her.

I got another nice email today from our foster care certifier.Shes ready to start the homestudy as soon as we turn in our huge long invasive application and questionaire packet. so maybe next week she will come out and interview us.


  1. Awww, I'm so sorry you are still sick! Try to take care of yourself and worry about YOU...if not this cycle, there is always next one (I know, easier said than done!). Sounds like you have an amazing OB! I have never heard of such wonderful acts of kindness from a doctor! And you are certainly moving along with the foster care...good luck! Take care, hun!

  2. So sorry to hear you are not yet well. I hope that time is just around the corner!