Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Once I eventually got a real department of human services worker on the phone, things started moving very quickly. On Saturday Brian and I sat through 3 hours of our introductory foster/ adoptive parenting session. Monday night, another 3 hours. We will be knocking out two classes a week for a the rest of the month, then we have to wait til mid July to take the last ones. From what I understand, the homestudy will start happening once we have finished half the classes. I think the hardest thing for me will be asking my shrink to write a letter stating that Im fit to foster/adopt. This is mostly a formality but its part of the medical history we need to submit. I told our certifier outright that I had been treated for anxiety this past year, directly after I spilled the beans about my miscarriages. She had asked me outright if Brian and I had attempted to have our own children. We have a HUGE packet of paperwork, forms and little psych evals that we have to fill out, which is giving me awful flashbacks of getting Brian through the US immigration process.

Speaking of flashbacks, has anyone else had odd visual disturbances on clomid? I almost always get them. My doctor says its not a big deal. I can only describe them as "tracers" and for those of you who didnt gobble up tons of psychedelic drugs during your mispent youth, I dont know what the sober equal to such a thing is. I am on cycle day 4, and will have HSG#2 Friday morning. I figured out a solution to the pain, I noticed I have some codeine in the cupboard. Ill probably end up having a codeine and clomid induced acid flashback when they fill my tubes up with dye.

I got a little baby blanket this evening. it was at a second hand shop but I plan to give it a good laundering. Its got Beatrix Potter animals on it, the same ones that Ive got framed pictures of. My friend Dina had a build it and they will come theory about baby rooms. It worked for Dina. Im having trouble figuring out how to prepare for children when I dont know how many or what ages they will be. Im guessing that this will end in a mad scramble for things the day before the children are placed. I suppose our caseworker will have some suggestions. Im thinking a cheap ikea crib or maybe a slightly more expensive one that converts to a toddler bed. Perhaps a single bed that would suit a toddler or school aged child. My Mom wants to throw me a foster child shower. I wasnt quite sure if this is approprite or tacky or what. Ive asked around a bit and most people say its a fine idea. My usual opinion of showers, weather for babies or weddings is that they tend to be vulgar displays of bad taste. I dont begrudge them to any of my friends though and to their credit, most have managed these things within the confines of not causing me want to vomit into my purse. My reason for perhaps making an exeption for a foster kid shower, is that we are really going to need so many supplies on such short notice. What do you think? Bad taste or good fun?

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  1. LOL, I am uncomfortable at showers too - especially if they are for me! But, I don't think a foster kid shower is in bad taste! Listen, you are doing an amazing thing, taking these sweet, needy, and often times broken children into your home. That your mom and family and friends want to support you and them is just an extension of the love these kids will receive. This is what communities and families SHOULD do!!! Go for it, girl!

    I never had that weird symptom on Clomid...not sure what it is??

    Can't wait to hear about your journey through the state system - yikes:)!