Wednesday, June 2, 2010

No alarms and no surprises

I am not pregnant. Today Im about 11 days past ovulation and spotting. Negative pregnancy test. I wonder if its normal for people with a usually short luteal phase to continue having a short LP, even when they ovulate properly on drugs. Hmmm. Not that it probably matters much, as I seem to be able to become pregnant despite the short lp, assuming I do take meds. At least I USED to. I have no idea why I havnt been pregnant the past 5 medicated cycles. Could be luck of the draw, but I wonder if something has happend in the past 9 months, its been that long since sperm met egg and I produced HCG, however briefly. I am now two years older than I was when I started fertility treatments. This is part of the reason I decided to have another HSG. We are reasonably sure I am ovulating on the clomid, we know Brian isnt shooting blanks, even if his post wash count was piss poor last cycle. I wonder what other factors there could possibly be ? I think Im starting to understand how people with unexplained infertility must feel. Heres to hoping that the hysterosalpingogram blows out some dust and we are back in the swing of things this next cycle.


  1. Oh, so sorry hun. Unexplained is tough. I have mild stage 2 endo, but that's about all they've found, and it could explain the difficulty getting pregnant, but it doesn't explain why I keep losing babies. I hope the HSG gives you some answers. Good luck. I'm thinking about you...

  2. Sorry to hear this one was a bust. How frustrating. FWIW, I have a short LP (10days) too and it continued to remain short on medicated cycles. I hope your HSG does the trick.

  3. @ panamahat.. my lp used to be less than 10 usually about 8. these days its more like 11, even when Im not takings meds. its interesting that we both have the short LP issue combined with the recurrent miscarriage problem.