Monday, February 7, 2011

bump in the road.. is anyone surprised?

Brian and I did our taxes Friday evening. At H&R block, where we go every year because I cant be arsed to do them myself, and the whole thing frightens Brian. In England, they just take your money and that is that, no tax filing, as far as I know. My Employer withheld plenty of state tax, but almost no federal. I worked there for nearly a year, so I should have noticed on my pay stub at some point, but who really looks at those things? This has resulted in our tax return being less than half of what we needed it to be, what its been in all the years since we bought a house and started paying interest through the nose. This money was slated for the embryo donation. We dont have the cash to do it otherwise. So i still have my consult with the good doctor in Reno tomorrow morning, but what happens after that well... Brian said we will have to see where we are at in six months time.

I hate having no prospects. We arent going to adopt these girls, and Im already growing weary of coparenting with the state. We cant even get their hair cut without permission from their Mother. I think we will continue to foster in the future, but with "easier" placements. A single infant, maybe a toddler.

I am going to spend the next 6 months getting as healthy as possible. I dont know for certain that I have bad egg quality, its just an educated guess. the scale is down to 133 lbs. Im going to say 25 to go.

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  1. That sucks about the tax return. It is always disappointing to get less than you hoped for, but especially when you are counting on it. Sorry for the setback. Sorry too, that you are having troubles co-parenting with the State (and the girls' Mom!). Not that I am surprised, but not being surprised doesn't make it any easier to do, I suspect.