Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The transport is ALMOST taken care of. I dont really want to go into what I had to do to get it done, but suffice to say it was a pain in the ass from start to (almost) finish.

I took the girls to my Dad's house in the country last weekend. where we took advantage of some rain free days, walks and wagon rides to see the cows and look for the fox across the street. My dad and stepmom have custody of my 6 year old niece, Tatyana. She very much enjoyed the company of all three girls. I imagine it gets a bit lonely for her, living with two people nearing 60.

NCRM was a bit slow in getting my paper work to me in a format I could use, so I had to push my consult back to a week from today. No big deal. Right now, I am procrastinating.. should be phoning my RE to ask how he feels about monitoring my cycle before I fly to Reno, and also get my records sent over. Im afraid hes going to say no because we had a bit of a spat the other week, which ended in him finally agreeing to do injects/ IUI, after I accused him of only wanting to treat people who are paying for IVF. His first choice for me has always been donor egggs, Im hoping he will be excited and get on board for this Demb cycle, because it seems to be its the obvious second best choice. There are no clinics in Oregon with a donor embryo program proper, just two that have done it once or twice with a known donor. Im not sure if it has to do with Oregon law, but it seems like nobody here wants to touch it. No mattter, as NCRM has great stats and I have personally been in touch with several women who are currently pregnant after treatment there. Anyhow, I need my RE to monitor my uterine lining, Im guessing perhaps hormone levels as well (although I think my OB could do the second bit, and insurance would pay). I dont know what all is involved with a FET, but Im sure to be reading up on it soon.

I must clean the house before the elder girl returns from school, and the little ones wake from their naps.

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  1. Great to hear from you and so pleased that the rough spots are finally being ironed out!