Wednesday, February 9, 2011

we figured it out

I took out a 0% apr (for 12 months) credit card. We will pay half cash, and put the rest of the card, and just pay it off before intrest kicks in next year. brian is fine with it, but he says this is it. Failing this Demb cycle, we wont be trying any additional fertility treatments. He wants to give adoption through the state another few years though, and see how it works out. hes willing to do some more foster placments, Ive decided our next placement will only be what they call "legal risk". where they are fairly certain that parental rights will be terminated. The consultation yesterday went ok, at first the doctor said no, but then reconsidered after I reminded him that I not only have a recurrent pregnancy loss problem, but infertlity troubles too.

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  1. So glad the plan is forming for you....good luck!