Wednesday, February 23, 2011

matched and waiting

We have chosen the embryos. There are seven of them, frozen in 2006. The eggs came from a 21 year old donor, cheerleader type from what I can tell. I got a fairly extensive profile for her, same one the donor family got when they were looking for an egg donor I suppose. female donor has blond hair and blue eyes, male donor brown/ hazel. No family medical history of concern. Female donor has a congenital heart defect, but its not genetic. The male donor is 5'5, female is 5'2. This batch as resulted in 2 live births. The original fresh cycle, and a FET a couple years later for the donating couple. I'm hoping that the remaining embies are decent quality, and that we get a couple to survive the thaw. These are probably the best quality embryos I can get my hands on, short of a fresh donor egg cycle. I will get the saline ultrasound a few days into my next cycle. My period is due next week. I have an appointment on the first of March for a pap and pelvic, and my new OB was nice enough to squeeze in all the infectious disease blood work (mind is 2 years old) and hormone tests that the New RE wants. My HMO says they wont pay for this blood work but the OB's there are sympathetic, and try to code things to slip past billing. This should save me about 600 dollars. Brian and I have an appointment on the 7th of March to get the psych consult done. NRCM wants a "report" from a psychologist who has experience with couples doing 3rd party reproduction. Shes never met anyone using donor EMBRYOS but that's not a great surprise, as there are no clinics in this state that do it. She does however know a great deal about surrogacy, sperm & egg donation. The coordinator says that I should be able to start birth control pills with my next period. We could cycle as early as April, but probably not until May. My grandmother used to own a condo at Lake Taho, and I know that area is beautiful, but Im not sure about Reno. It has a reputation of being a seedy gambling town.  All of the hotels I have looked at appear flea bitten and past their prime. I think most of my time will be spent resting at the hotel. A few days away from the kids and all the chaos with DHS. My mom and brother will stay with the girls.

Oh, I mentioned the new OBGYN. Mine has become a hospitalist (whatever that is) and is no longer seeing her patients. Nobody told me. I actually cried when I found out. This woman has been through all of this crazy stuff  with me, and I'm not sure how I can build that level of trust with a new doctor. My old OB had promised weekly ultrasounds in her office, should I become pregnant again. She was sympathetic, and thas is a rare commodity in the world of infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss.

The days go fast with 3 little girls at home. I can hardly keep up with my housework, even though I am a "stay at home mom". We are not at home very much. We have an average of 4 appointments a week, plus back and forth from preschool, play dates etc. I took the little one to lunch today, we like to do this while her sisters are at school. She ate pork wonton soup with Chinese greens, fried shrimp, and broccoli beef. Oranges and fortune cookie for afters. She pronounced the whole meal to be "yummy tummy", much to the delight of the matronly Chinese lady who runs the place. She got a pat on the head for that. Some days we go to the library. She is totally daytime potty trained as of last week. No coincidence that it was the middle girl's first full week of preschool. I simply had more time to devote to the little one and her needs. It is all working out pretty well, there is talk of reunification with mom, but that is a post for another day.

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  1. Oooh, exciting times! May seems like right around the corner to me, lol. Sorry to hear your obgyn is out of the picture though, that sucks. I really hope you find a replacement as good as her. Sounds like things are going well with the girls. All good! x