Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I wish Panamahat was here to help me micro manage this cycle a bit. She is good at it. Im still a bit green when it comes to more advanced treatments. I will have to update my infectious disease screening with my OB, and a pap and pelvic. Today I have been pricing out the cost of a saline ultrasound. Who knew it would be more expensive than the HSGs they have given me? im looking at paying about 600 dollars out of pocket, just to get some water squirted in my uterus. It's so weird calling aroung about this, looking for a bargain. Probably easiest just to do it with my RE, even if it costs a bit more than the imaging center across town.

The middle girl started preschool today. Shes a ray of sunshine, and I will miss her in the afternoons. Now I get to spend more quality alone time with the little one. we had a quick lunch out and then the library. She has her own card and we checked out some movies ( we have hundreds of books).

The lady at NCRM is sending the extended profiles for the embryos FED EX.. today. They should be here tomorrow!

Have any of you ever done a FET? What was the medication protocol, if you dont mind sharing?

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